Yachting Technology Products of Croatia contracted with Bavaria Yachtbau to build its new Flagship R55 series of motor yachts at its yard in Split, Croatia. It built the first yacht that was shown by Bavaria at the Dusseldorf Show in January 2018 and attracted much interest. That yacht was delivered before the Bavaria insolvency was announced in April. YTP has the second R55 in build.

As part of the arrangements under which CMP Capital acquired the Bavaria business, YTP has acquired all rights to the R55-02 and the associated equipment and is entitled to sell it as Bavaria R55-02. A key part of the agreement is that dealers of Bavaria Yachts are permitted to offer the R55-02 for sale even if they are otherwise exclusive to Bavaria.

Given that YTP already has much of the inventory necessary to complete the build at its Yard and has already successfully been though the learning curve and completed the build of the first yacht in the series, YTP is able to offer the yacht at much shorter a lead time than will be available from Bavaria for its first R55.



Bavaria R55-02 Price List

Bavaria Boasts of the R55 Series:


“There are many, many yachts in the world. All the more reason for us to build a yacht that stands out. A yacht that is different. A yacht that surprises. We wanted to create something that has never been seen before. We succeeded with the BAVARIA R55. Its fine materials, ultra-modern design and outstanding performance are thrilling. In short: it’s the best boat we’ve ever built. A true milestone.”


When you look at the BAVARIA R55, it’s immediately obvious that it combines elegance with pure power and performance. Three factors contribute to its outstanding capabilities, and they complement each other perfectly. The pioneering design of the hull.

The power and efficiency of its Volvo IPS drive unit. And its dynamic trim flap system. Combined and equipped with the larger engine, they enable top speeds of up to 34 knots.


When we conceived the BAVARIA R55, we had one premise: we wanted people to feel at home on board this yacht. The same comfort, the same feeling of wellbeing. Carefully selected colours and top-grade materials produce exactly that effect. It was important to us to create spaces that are open and inviting but still provide enough privacy. We have created a wonderful space for socialising: the brightly illuminated saloon. It is, in a sense, a panoramic living room on the water. Welcome home. Welcome to the BAVARIA R55.”

Build of BAVARIA R55

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