Geoff Mayhill

CEO (British / New Zealand) brings a wealth of legal, financial and business skills to Arista. He was the general counsel of Babcock & Brown Europe where worked on various large cross border projects. He then became general counsel and a director of the Prebon Group negotiating financing structures and corporate acquisitions. He was a founder and director of Ekwienox. He is Chairman of the supervisory board of STX Services, a company based in the Netherlands specialising in environmental markets.

Don Marshall

Technical Director (Canadian) Masters and Ph.D. studies at McGill in Fluid Mechanics and Instrumentation and Control. He has been CEO of Nautilus Management for the past 18 years, and brings with him 25 years of boat building and marine construction management experience. Companies such as Caribe Yachts, Benetti, Izar, Amels, and Jade Yachts have benefited from his input at the highest level. Marshall’s diverse scope of knowledge, combined with his professional approach to projects and management, makes him highly respected within the industry. He has been responsible for the project management of many complex and technologically advanced builds around the world.